“You work in publishing?” they ask. “That’s so cool!”

It’s a barrage of questions to determine what I do. Editor? Nope. Designer? Nope. Bookseller? Nope.

I’m Angela Silver, and I work in Production. After the book is acquired, edited, and designed, it mysteriously appears in bookstores. I am the “mystery,” the link between the publisher and the printer. I get the books printed.

Maintaining close ties with manufacturing, I’m knowledgeable in different text stocks, book formats, and cover effects. I’ve produced one- and two-color novels; picture books; box sets; manga; and novelty books with pull tabs, touch-and-feel, and pop-ups. With over fifteen years in the department, I know the right people to print the right books at the right price.

My favorite format is a good old-fashioned three-piece hardcover, and my favorite special effect is glitter. I’ve been known to declare “favorite” books by the feel of the interior stock alone.