My resume can be found on LinkedIn, so it’s redundant to also have it here. Here are some fun facts instead:

  • I’ve worked at three of the “big five” publishers, though also semi-joke that we’re down to “big three” anyway.
  • I didn’t know what Production¬†did when I was hired an an assistant. Thanks for having faith in me, S&S!
  • My Master’s thesis was on the “formula” to making a best-seller. The conclusion is there is no formula. I got an A.
  • The majority of my career has been in children’s books, hence my soft spot for glitter.
  • I was heavily involved in the Book Industry Guild, once serving as the New York Book Show’s co-chair
  • Three of my own books have won awards at aforementioned book show (mentioned on the portfolio page!)
  • I was a panelist for the New York Book Forum’s “Watch the Show, Grab the Book” (archived on YouTube)
  • I could never decide whether I liked working on first printings or reprints more, so now I do both
  • I’ve dabbled in bookbinding as a hobby, but it’s too similar to my day job that I can’t get into it
  • My favorite book is Moby Dick. I have vague plans to design and bind a copy myself one day