Types of Covers
Paperback – a.k.a. softcover
Jacket – folded over a hardcover book
Paper over board – also for a hardcover, but glued onto the boards and not removable

Cover laminations
Lamination is applied to a cover to protect the paper from wear and tear. Standard laminations are:

Gloss UV (shiny)
Matte UV (less shiny, non-reflective)
Gloss film
Matte film

*typically, UV is used on paperbacks, and film on hardcovers. UV is glue-based (imagine a layer of Elmer’s), and film is a sheet, like a high-quality plastic wrap. Film provides better protection against wear & tear, especially around the turns and folds on a book jacket.

To give a cover an extra punch, some other options are:

Soft touch matte – velvety
Gritty matte UV – sandpaper-y

Special Effects
Effects are applied to a portion of a cover, making certain areas or elements stand out.

Spot gloss UV
Spot matte UV
Spot glitter UV – like spot gloss, but with glitter!
Foil stamping – comes in a variety of metallics and colors
Embossing – raised areas, can also be “debossed” for concave areas
Spot gritty matte – that sandpaper-y feel
Raised spot UV – like spot gloss, but textured

*several special effects can be added to a cover, but don’t overdo it! Not only can it get costly, but too many layers can cause the cover to crack

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